The Starboard SUP product range been developed by supers for super.
Svein Rasmussen has been shaping boards since he was 20, and since then, he and the Starboard Team have been systematically refining every detail of every product to reduce weight and enhance performance. All Starboard SUP products are designed and built by professionals who see stand up paddling and design as one obsession.

Starboard believe in leading the innovation. Starboard don’t conform to the industry’s marketing and design stereotypes and we don’t create products just to satisfy the latest magazine hype.

Starboard focus on performance through intensive research and development to make the ultimate in responsive equipment. In our mission to enhance all the performative elements of your board and paddle, we develop technological solutions that improve every component right down to the sub-millimetre.

Starboard reputation is built on innovation. It is our belief in our product and our refusal to compromise on our design principles that has placed
us at the forefront of the SUP industry.